How Compression Fractures are Treated

How Compression Fractures are Treated | Dr. Nikesh Seth, Scottsdale

How Compression Fractures are Treated

Compression fractures can be debilitating, but Dr. Nikesh Seth specializes in treating back pain safely and effectively. Compression fractures become more common with age because the loss of bone mass puts a person at a higher risk. Osteoporosis, or reduced bone mass, is part of getting older. It’s also why it’s so important to undertake weight-bearing exercises. The more porous bones become, the likelier they are to break—especially in the bones responsible for carrying heavy loads.

By design, there’s a lot of pressure placed on the back. We use it to carry our own weight, and being overweight puts added stress on the back. We use our backs to lift, to pull, to push, and as the major “workhorse” for daily activities, sports, and exercise. However, even the most dedicated gym enthusiast will likely have some amount of osteoporosis as they age. It’s why people seem to shrink as they get older and adopt a hunched-over position.

Compression fractures can be caused by just about anything including a fall, lifting heavy objects, or even coughing. It’s a break in the backbone(s), and the pain is usually acute and severe. However, Dr. Nikesh Seth has options. Kyphoplasty for back pain is a minimally invasive, in-patient surgical procedure. It works by injecting special “bone cement” into the injured area through a small hole. It instantly repairs the fractured vertebra to offer immediate pain relief.

Compared to other types of back surgeries, kyphoplasty requires minimal downtime. The procedure itself is very quick. Most patients report immediate pain relief, and some report no pain at all. Many patients are surprised by just how much chronic pain they were handling before the acute pain of a compression fracture occurred. Humans are adept at getting used to pain and may not realize how many modifications they’ve made to their life until an acute pain injury occurs.

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