GPs Aren’t Pain Doctors: Why the Difference Is Critical

GPs Aren’t Pain Doctors: Why the Difference | Integrated Pain Consultants

GPs Aren’t Pain Doctors: Why the Difference Is Critical

What’s the difference between a general physician (GP) and a pain doctor? A lot of extra education, training, and specialized continuing education! Integrated Pain Consultants is home to your pain doctor in Phoenix, where patients have access to up the minute research and information on the latest pain treatments and technologies. Reputable pain clinics can offer personalized treatment plans with cutting-edge technologies such as radiofrequency ablation (RFA) and ARP Wave Therapy. You simply won’t find this technology at your GP or primary care physician.

Every medical doctor is an MD, but not all MDs are pain specialists. The term “specialist” here is key because it denotes years of additional training and education specific to addressing pain. It might sound strange that not all MDs specialize in pain since that’s usually what brings someone to the doctor. In fact, a recent study found that GPs are the doctors who most often see patients struggling with pain—or at least they’re the MDs who first see these patients. This is often unfortunately why “treating” patients with medication, including high-risk medications like opioids, is so common. When you’re in pain, you deserve to see a specialist with the skills, knowledge, and technology to provide a suite of treatment options that will work for you.

Pain Matters:  Your Body With Signal When In Pain

Pain is our body’s way of telling us something is wrong. In most cases, this “signal” is correct but it will require some testing and working with a pain specialist to determine the cause. Just because you feel pain in a certain part of the body doesn’t mean the root cause is in the same place. It’s very common for the cause of the pain to be far away from the site of the pain.

There’s also the possibility that your body has gone a little haywire and is sending pain signals well after the root cause has healed—or maybe there was never a root cause at all! However, pain is still pain and needs to be treated. A correct diagnosis is the key to a personalized pain treatment plan that is safe and healthy. Schedule a detailed evaluation by connecting with Integrated Pain Consultants today.

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