Find The Real Cause Of Pain With ARP Wave Therapy

APR Wave

Find The Real Cause Of Pain With ARP Wave Therapy

ARP stands for Accelerated Recovery Performance. It’s a therapy that works well for patients who need quick recovery from chronic or acute injuries.

The ARP wave therapy device is FDA-approved and allows you to get back to work and your daily routine in a short time frame.

One of the greatest benefits of this therapy is that it can search out the real cause of your pain.

Finding the Cause of Pain with ARP Wave Therapy

When force is transferred to a part of your body that isn’t designed to absorb such force, the tissue is injured. When an area of the body can’t absorb force properly, it’s usually because of the inability to properly control the muscles.

The ARP’s search and destroy protocol allows us to search your body for the root cause of your injury. The machine tells us exactly where to carry out the therapy.

Often, the position of the electrode pads is such that they are not at the site of your injury, in the same way that the area where the force should have been absorbed is not near the spot the force transferred to and resulted in the injury.

In most cases, therapeutic devices are placed on the area of the injury, and it’s often the wrong area in which to do therapy.

The site of the injury, or the real cause of pain, is where the injury ended and not where it began. With ARP wave therapy, we can search and destroy the cause of your pain.

Who Can Benefit from ARP Wave Therapy?

Anyone with arthritis, chronic pain, knee pain, or in need of a joint replacement surgery who is unable to continue with activities or daily routines without pain can benefit from ARP wave therapy.

If you have been told you need a spinal fusion, ARP wave therapy may help. It can also benefit you if you have had surgery or a spinal cord injury.

What to Expect During Your Treatment

ARP wave therapy treatment may be hard work for some. It does require you to move, so you will want to wear comfortable clothing. Since the therapy is used to find the real cause of your pain or injury, the device is used to search your body for hot spots.

Finding the disruption that is the cause of your pain can be an intense process. The therapist usually asks you to rate the amount of intensity that you feel to help discover the origin of your pain.

Since the treatment session can be demanding, it’s important to take measures to ensure you recover properly. This usually involves making sure you eat healthy meals, get enough protein, limit or avoid alcohol consumption, and get a good night’s rest. Some patients are asked to increase their protein intake during treatments, depending on the injury.

Decreasing the Pain


APR Wave Therapy Inflammation in the body is often the result of an injury. Inflammation also stimulates pain receptors to let the brain know that there is injured tissue.

With ARP wave therapy, we can decrease scar tissue and increase blood flow to decrease inflammation. When we reduce inflammation, the amount of pain you feel diminishes dramatically. Many patients report experiencing around 25 percent less pain after just one session.

However, the number of sessions you will need all depends on the pain and the extent of your injury. It can take as many as 20 treatments to fully create new patterns without muscle restrictions or pain.

If you’ve suffered an injury or are battling to recover from pain, ARP wave therapy could be the answer.

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