Epidural Injections Aren’t Just for Labor Pains

Epidural Injections Not Just for Labor Pains | Integrated Pain Consultants

Epidural Injections Aren’t Just for Labor Pains

Most people have heard of “epidurals” and frequently link them with labor pains. However, epidural injections can be used to treat a variety of pains, and it’s a specialty of Integrated Pain Consultants. This quick treatment can provide instant pain relief for both short-term and chronic conditions, and might be a fantastic alternative to prescriptions drugs such as opioids.

What Is An Epidural Injection?

An epidural is a procedure in which an anesthetic is injected directly into a spinal space filled with liquid. You might feel a small sting followed by a burning sensation with the injection, but both of these effects are mild and quickly go away. There are a few types of anesthetic techniques used for pain relief, and epidurals are one of the most popular and effective. That’s why it’s popularly used in birth-related pain, but it can also be used to treat a variety of ailments.

How Epidural Injections Treat Back Pain

One of the most common non-birth related uses is for lower back pain and leg pain. Epidural injections have been used for low back complaints since the early 1950s and have remained a popular choice to help with sciatica pain for decades. In some cases, the epidural injection alone is enough to treat the pain. Other times, it’s used as part of a holistic program to provide pain relief. However, like all pain relievers, an epidural injection isn’t treating the root of the problem. Patients are encouraged to pursue a comprehensive approach to their healthcare. Depending on the cause of the pain, patients may be referred to more aggressive treatments along with receiving epidural injections.

In other cases, an epidural injection may be recommended for short-term pain. Athletes are particularly prone to lower back pain, leg pain, and sciatica. An epidural injection can provide the relief necessary to continue safely training or for an upcoming competition. However, pain management for athletes is particularly challenging. You don’t want to make your body’s pain signals moot because they’re an important part of telling you when there’s a problem that may cause more serious issues if not treated.

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