Do You or Someone You Love Struggle with Opioid Dependency?

Do You Struggle with Opioid Dependency? | Integrated Pain Consultants

Do You or Someone You Love Struggle with Opioid Dependency?

There were 1,106 opioid-related deaths last year, and deaths from fentanyl have increased two-fold since the prior year. At Integrated Pain Consultants we understand the incredible risk of prescribing opioid drugs to at-risk populations and for longer than recommended. Opioids were always meant to be used specifically to treat very short-term pain, such as the pain during surgery recovery. Unfortunately, the perfect storm was created in the past two decades that has led to a nationwide epidemic of opioid dependency, addiction, and deaths. Now, suboxone is available to help.

Suboxone Therapy can help minimize cravings for opioids and decrease withdrawal symptoms, ultimately creating a foundation for recovery. Suboxone Therapy is one of the safest and most effective treatments for those struggling with opioid addiction, and it is an alternative for pain relief instead of opioids or methadone. But how can another drug help wean someone from a drug?

How Suboxone Therapy Works

Methadone is a commonly-prescribed synthetic opioid. It can be used both to treat short-term pain as well as a means of treating opioid addiction. Unfortunately, it’s still an addictive drug for many people because it’s still part of the opiate family. This means it might not be the best approach if you’re trying to stop opioid use. Suboxone is a prescription drug that also calls the opiate family home, but unlike methadone it is a partial agonist. This means it’s less dangerous and less addictive.

Suboxone Therapy is covered by the majority of insurance policies. It can be a healthy part of an opioid treatment program and is routinely used alongside rehab and detox programs. Suboxone Therapy works best as part of an overarching addiction treatment plan, coupled with other therapies and counseling.

Who Can Use Suboxone Therapy?

Weaning yourself off of opioids (or, worse, going cold turkey) is incredibly difficult and dangerous. Suboxone Therapy can be an effective tool for anyone addicted to prescription painkillers or recreational drugs like heroin. Thanks to being a partial agonist, it can even be prescribed safely for some patients who need chronic pain management.

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