Distance Runner Shares ARP Wave Therapy Treatment Journey

Distance Runner Shares ARP Wave Therapy Treatment | Integrated Pain

Distance Runner Shares ARP Wave Therapy Treatment Journey

ARP Wave Therapy has quickly become a popular treatment at Integrated Pain Consultants, where Dr. Seth was recently voted the “Top Doc in Pain Management” for the region. Paul Batura, a renowned long-distance runner, is one of the many recent “recruits” to ARP Wave Therapy and shared his pain management journey with Fox News. According to the 47-year-old, he’s ran over 60,000 miles in his lifetime including 77 ultramarathons and marathons. He calls running a “gift” and much more than exercise, but as he’s gotten older he’s started to minimize his workouts to exclusively early mornings and a single marathon each year.

The Colorado Pikes Peak Marathon goes beyond a traditional endurance race. This event starts runners at 6,300 feet and reaches 14,115 feet at the midpoint before returning to the starting altitude. Batura has run 20 years of this marathon consecutively, but in 2018 discovered he had piriformis syndrome, which happens when muscles thicken and tighten where the pelvis connects to the hamstring (which is where the sciatic nerve passes). He tried various treatments to no avail and ultimately decided to push through the pain and try orthotics shoes as well as a new stretching routine—which led to overstretching his hamstrings.

The Journey to Pain Management with ARP

Baruta’s injuries began to creep into his mindset, and he convinced himself he had Ischial Bursitis, but cortisone shots didn’t help. He was diagnosed last year with a number of muscular-skeletal injuries from decades of poor stretching, a weak core, and over-training. The Colorado marathon was coming up, and just three days before the race Batura was introduced to ARP Wave Therapy.

The electric stimulation system makes muscles rapidly contract, which causes the nervous system to fix movements that have been causing issues. It’s a popular therapy adopted by professional athletes in all sports. It wasn’t a miracle cure, and Batura ultimately decided not to risk a bigger injury that could come from completing the Colorado marathon that year. However, it’s an instance of an athlete going beyond the traditional methods and exploring alternative therapies that—in time—can help identify the treatment plan that works for them. To learn more about all the alternative therapies at Integrated Pain Consultants, call (480) 626-2552 today.

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