Common Youth Sports Injuries

Common Youth Sports Injuries | Dr. Nikesh Seth, Scottsdale

Common Youth Sports Injuries

Back to school means back to the game for many young athletes, and Dr. Nikesh Seth and the team at Integrated Pain Consultants are gearing up for a busy season of helping clients with pain management. Even though most injuries in youth sports are preventable, a number of conditions come together to make autumn the perfect storm for sports injuries.

Why Are Sports Injuries Common?

Some sports injuries are more common than others. One of the most common (and serious) injuries are stress fractures in the back. It’s equally common in all sports, and both males and females are at risk. Fortunately, Integrated Pain Consultants offers a variety of treatments specifically for spinal fractures—many of which might be surgical alternatives and can help athletes avoid risky painkillers.

However, traumatic injuries are also unfortunately common. These are injuries that happen suddenly. In female athletes, ACL tears are extremely common. Women and girls suffer ACL tears in the knee three to five times more often than men and boys. When it does occur in males, it’s usually in football. With females, soccer is usually the culprit.

While many traumatic injuries are obvious, whether it’s a broken bone or a ligament that’s torn and renders an athlete immobile, that’s not always the case. There are plenty of invisible sports injuries. One of the most common signs is mental burnout. Particularly in young athletes, they might be pushed beyond their limits (and burnout levels). This leads to an increased risk of sports injuries. Some children and youth are especially committed to pleasing their parents or coach and might not speak up if they’ve hit a wall.

Helping Prevent Sports Injuries

Parents of athletes are encouraged to look at their child’s schedule, prioritize sleep, and make sure they are getting the right amount of rest and healthy meals. It’s also vital to keep an eye out for signs of concussions, another common sports injury. Most children think they need to be knocked out for a concussion to occur, but that’s not the case. Watch for light and noise sensitivity and trouble sleeping.

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