Common Causes of Back Pain in Women

Common Causes of Back Pain in Women | Integrated Pain Consultants

Common Causes of Back Pain in Women

Did you know men and women often suffer from back pain for different reasons? Integrated Pain Consultants customizes every treatment to the individual, but also considers some commonalities between patients based on details such as sex, age, or occupation. About 80 percent of people will have some type of back pain in their lifetime, and lower back pain is the most common–in fact, it’s the fifth most common cause of all visits to primary care doctors.

Our inherent skeletal design is the root cause of back pain since evolution simply wasn’t ideal. When our ancestors started walking upright, they simply put more weight on the lower back. Going from four legs to two is a lot of pressure (literally). How we move on a daily basis also affects lower back pain including the actual spine, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. By far, the leading cause for back pain in women is a sedentary lifestyle thanks to common “demands” of today’s jobs that have us parked in front of a screen. Sitting leads to slouching and letting our core muscles atrophy.

Are You Falling into These Back Pain Traps?

Poor posture is a related cause of back pain, but isn’t always due to slumping over a laptop. Poor posture can mean many things such as always leaning too much on one leg, improperly standing or awkward walking practices. Women are also prone to sudden strains in muscles or ligaments, such as “pulling our back” while getting up from the couch. Improper form or using a dangerous form to lift things is a common cause of these strains.

Muscle fatigue sometimes causes back pain for those who are very athletic or have a physically demanding job. Sometimes your muscles just can’t take it anymore, and they “tire out” resulting in back pain. Less common (but still highly relevant) causes of back pain can include a bulging/herniated disc, degenerative spine conditions, autoimmune diseases, and even scoliosis.

Fortunately, there are often options besides surgery or lifelong medication. From ARP wave therapy to spinal cord stimulation and radiofrequency ablation, Integrated Pain Consultants provides a suite of back pain options. Schedule a detailed evaluation by booking your appointment online today.

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