Study Shows “Multidisciplinary Program” Best Approach for CRPS

Study Shows Best Approach for CRPS | Dr. Nikesh Seth, Scottsdale

Study Shows “Multidisciplinary Program” Best Approach for CRPS

Dr. Seth at Integrated Pain Consultants wasn’t voted “Top Doc” by his peers for the fifth year in a row for no reason. He regularly treats patients with complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), a debilitating condition that, research shows, is best treated with a multidisciplinary program. Taking a holistic approach to pain treatment and management is at the heart of a pain clinic, where there are ample alternative options well beyond traditional surgeries and medications.

The Right Approach To Pain Relief

The full study was published in Pain Medicine and included 50 patients (most of whom were women, which is the norm with CRPS). The average age was about 45 years old, and all study participants had their CRPS treated for two weeks with a multidisciplinary approach. Both pain and body disturbance were assessed via the Bath Body Perception Disturbance scale and used a pain intensity rating. Before and after ratings were recorded, and a total of 30 complete sets were also noted.

After just two weeks of treatment, researchers found a “significant reduction” in body perception disturbance, with an average rating of 23.83 post-study compared to 34.3 before the study. There was also a reduction in “negative emotional feelings” after the study, decreasing to 5.2 compared to 7.5.

While the size of the study group was relatively small, researchers are encouraged by the promising results. According to the team, “Further work is required to identify the effective components of [a multidisciplinary treatment] program and whether these outcomes of rehabilitation can be maintained over time.”

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