Bears Benefit from ARP Wave Therapy

Bears Benefit from ARP Wave Therapy | Dr. Nikesh Seth, Scottsdale

Bears Benefit from ARP Wave Therapy

It’s no secret that professional sports can wreak havoc on the body, and Top Doc 2019 Dr. Nikesh Seth regularly treats athletes in pain. Integrated Pain Consultants features two specialists who are double board certified and offer a variety of alternative treatments for pain such as ARP Wave Therapy. This new holistic treatment encourages the body to heal itself, minimizes pain, and addresses the root cause of pain—not just the symptoms.

Accelerated Recovery Performance, or ARP, taps into neuro therapy. It locates the actual injury site and considers it an electrical breakdown. This is often the case with pain, which can stem from a location far from the actual pain site. It’s a search-and-destroy approach that helps muscles relax so areas can heal. By tearing down scar tissue and increasing blood flow, the body can often heal itself with a little help.

Many members of the Chicago Bears had discovered ARP, such as Brandon Marshall when he struggled with quad pain. He underwent ARP and soon discovered that the actual pain source was close to his shins. After three 14-minute ARP sessions, he was in serious healing mode. “For me, the healing is what I believe in,” Marshall says. He now uses ARP for everything from prevention to healing and strengthening.

The FDA considers ARP a device that helps with re-educating the muscles, relaxing muscle spasms, and increasing blood flow and range of motion. These are critical for an athlete, but also for anyone who wants a high-quality of life. For Marshall, he credits ARP for his return to the game. “It was only because of this machine, because of my experience with it,” he says.

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You likely won’t find an ARP Wave Therapy machine at your GP’s office. As a relatively new tool for pain management, it is only available at select pain clinics. If you’re looking to treat the pain source in a non-invasive manner, consider ARP Wave Therapy. Call Integrated Pain Consultants at 480-626-2552 to schedule your appointment today.

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