Back Pain Spikes in Summer Months

Back Pain Spikes in Summer Months | Dr. Nikesh Seth, Scottsdale

Back Pain Spikes in Summer Months

Chills and cold weather might be associated with complaints of joint pain, but Dr. Nikesh Seth regularly treats complaints of back pain in the summer months. It’s the season of gardening, yard work, and taking care of tasks around the home. Integrated Pain Consultants offers a variety of pain management alternatives so you can keep your green thumb and maximize your time outdoors.

Lower Back Pain and Degenerative Disc Disease

Lower back pain is one of the most common complaints of adults in the US. Degenerative disc disease grows increasingly common with age, and can also be exacerbated by strenuous bending, lifting, and twisting (all hallmarks of aggressive gardening). Fortunately, there are ways you can prevent damage (and further damage) while soothing back pain while you work.

Causes of Lower Back Pain And What To Do About It

First, see a pain specialist as soon as an ache appears. Pain is the body’s way of telling you something’s wrong. When it comes to back pain, there are a number of potential causes. Sprains, strains, arthritis, and disc conditions such as a bulging disc are all common. Next, make sure you tackle your yard work with a little more care.

Squeeze in a little dynamic (active) stretching before gardening, and finish the task with stretches. Try warming up with slow backbends to extend the spine. Lie on your back and hug your knees into the chest, then gently rock side to side—this counteracts gardening stress.

If possible, break up your gardening, so you’re not “on the job” for more than 30 minutes at a time. Stand up, try your backbends, and stretch every five minutes. Try to avoid bending solely from the waist—instead, put both knees on the ground and keep the neck in a neutral position. Think about keeping a straight back and avoid rounding. Change hands regularly if possible.

Lower Back Pain Consultation with Integrated Pain Consultants

Is back pain already bothering you? A combination of hot or cold compresses, physical therapy, and perhaps pain management alternatives can offer relief. Get in touch with Integrated Pain Consultants today and schedule your back pain appointment, so you don’t miss out on all those sunny days that beckon.

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