4 Overlooked Aspects of Chronic Pain

4 Overlooked Aspects of Chronic Pain | Dr. Nikesh Seth, Scottsdale

4 Overlooked Aspects of Chronic Pain

Whether you suffer from chronic or acute pain, Dr. Nikesh Seth at Integrated Pain Consultants will work with you to find the right solution. He was voted “Top Doc” by his peers for the past five years, and with good reason. For many patients, chronic pain can be particularly challenging to treat. Maybe the pain came on quickly, or maybe you slowly felt it getting worse over a period of time. Regardless, it’s tough to adjust to life with pain and easy to let the symptoms take control. Quality of life will quickly decrease if you don’t have a personalized pain management solution in place.

4 Elements of Pain

If you’re like a lot of chronic pain sufferers, here are four often-overlooked elements of pain you probably identify with:

  1. It’s not just physical. Of course, chronic pain affects your body, but it also interferes with your mental health, emotional health, and relationships. It can cause anxiety and depression, which can make the pain worse. Your work can suffer, too, which can lead to poor financial outcomes.
  2. There’s not always a cure. Not every type of pain has a cure. This can be a tough pill to swallow, but keep in mind that there are always options for decreasing the pain symptoms. This often requires trying out a multidisciplinary approach to pain management with alternative therapies.
  3. Pain can be a good thing. Pain is meant to help you. It’s your body’s way of telling you something is wrong or keeping you out of harm. However, sometimes—like with chronic pain—your body has an abnormal response and fires off “warning signals” when it doesn’t need to.
  4. Changing your thinking can work wonders. When you have chronic pain, it’s easy to dwell on it. However, if you focus on improving your mindset while also discovering ways to treat pain symptoms, you’ll experience relief a lot faster.

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Living with chronic pain requires a team effort, including a pain specialist and you. You’re a part of this journey, and how you tackle this new role will make a difference in the outcome. Start building the rest of your team today, and schedule a detailed evaluation by booking your appointment online with Integrated Pain Consultants.

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