Arthritis Treatment and Mental Health

Arthritis Treatment and Mental Health | Dr. Nikesh Seth, Phoenix

Arthritis Treatment and Mental Health

Dr. Nikesh Seth keeps pace with the latest research in chronic pain, including arthritis pain and treatment. Some of the most recent research addresses the connection (or perhaps lack thereof) between traditional arthritis pain treatment and mental health. According to a study published June 6, 2018, in Science News, the definite link between drugs that treat rheumatoid arthritis and a patient’s mental health may not exist as previously believed.

In recent years, many experts thought that popular drugs to treat rheumatoid arthritis led to a positive mental health “side effect” by improving pain and stiffness. While these drugs addressed the inflammatory process involved with arthritis, it was thought that the processes also included depression. The latest reviews have found that using rheumatoid arthritis drugs alone doesn’t necessarily make a big difference in a person’s mental health.

Alternative Therapies Treat Chronic Pain From Arthritis

The good news? Using alternative therapies to treat chronic pain from arthritis are also more likely to holistically treat the whole body—including mental. The full findings of the latest reviews can be found in Arthritis & Rheumatology, and suggest that dedicated mental health care is a vital part of treating patients who have both arthritis and mental conditions. Depression is especially highlighted as a common mental condition for those with arthritis.

According to lead author, Dr. Faith Matcham at the King’s College Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology, and Neuroscience in London, “This review summarizes the findings from over 70 clinical trials to examine the association between different rheumatoid arthritis treatments and mental health outcomes. Our findings suggest that otherwise effective pharmacology alone is unlikely to have an impact on mental health outcomes for the majority of rheumatoid arthritis patients.” That has certainly thrown a wrench into clinics solely using drug therapies to treat patients. However, treating the entire person has always been an approach and priority at pain clinics that specialize in alternative therapies.

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