Arthritis Foundation Publishes CBD Guidelines

Arthritis Foundation Publishes CBD Rules | Dr. Nikesh Seth, Scottsdale

Arthritis Foundation Publishes CBD Guidelines

At Integrated Pain Consultants, Dr. Nikesh Seth has already been offering CBD products for help in treating arthritis pain. Now, the Arthritis Foundation is on board and published their own CBD guidelines in September. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a proven and natural tool that can minimize pain, and also works to alleviate anxiety and some sleep disorders. According to the senior vice president of consumer health and impact at the Foundation, Cindy McDaniel, “people with arthritis aren’t waiting to try it [CBD] to treat their pain.”

Medical Science Supports CBD

The Arthritis Foundation undertook a national survey during the summer to better understand how arthritis patients feel about CBD. McDaniel says, “Our survey results confirmed the need to push for more regulation and provide useful CBD guidance.” The survey found that of the 2,600 people who participated, 79% said they have or are using CBD and consider it as an alternative treatment for arthritis pain.

To ensure safe usage of CBD, the Foundation teamed up with three medical experts who all agree that CBD can help in minimizing pain. However, the collaborative group stresses that patients using DMARDs to safeguard joints should use CBD in conjunction with that therapy—not as a replacement. The Foundation’s official statement is that CBD is “fairly safe and might help certain types of pain.”

It can be challenging to figure out how much CBD to use and in what manner since there are no established clinical guidelines to date. The Foundation urges patients to treat CBD like any other product and to schedule follow-up visits with their doctors every three months (which is the same recommendation for patients starting any new treatment). It’s recommended for patients to start with lower doses and increase on a weekly basis as needed. Finally, only purchase CBD from reputable clinics that test for potency, safety, and purity. The Foundation’s report notes that the organization is “intrigued by the potential of CBD.”

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