ARP Wave Therapy for Non-Invasive Relief

ARP Wave Therapy for Non-Invasive Relief | Dr. Nikesh Seth, Scottsdale

ARP Wave Therapy for Non-Invasive Relief

Dr. Nikesh Seth is committed to giving every patient options when it comes to pain relief, including non-invasive alternatives. Voted the Top Doc every year since 2015, Dr. Seth is also 2019’s Top Doc in Pain Management, which means he received the most votes overall as selected by his peers. He’s the only expert you want to address your pain, and one of the few doctors in the area offering ARP Wave Therapy. This holistic treatment lets the body heal itself, but also pinpoints the root cause of the problem.

Treating the Root Cause of Pain

Whenever you can determine the “why” of the pain, you can avoid more dangerous options like long-term pain medication or surgery. Accelerated Recovery Performance (ARP) is a proprietary device that uses neuro therapy to discover why pain exists. Sometimes where the pain occurs doesn’t necessarily tell you why it’s there, and ARP bypasses this issue.

ARP considers pain a symptom of an electrical breakdown in the body—not a physical breakdown. Electrical breakdowns are much more common, and what makes them so challenging is that the source of the pain is often far from where the pain occurs. ARP uses direct current electric muscle stimulation by placing pads directly on the skin. ARP scans the body to figure out where the breakdown occurred so that the right treatment can follow.

When the injury cause is identified, ARP destroys it by stimulating the source. Breaking down scar tissue and helping muscles to relax can lead to immediate relief. By increasing blood circulation, the healing materials in the blood (platelets and growth factors) can get to work helping the body heal itself. Sometimes the body gets “stuck” because it struggles to get blood flow to trauma sites or scar tissue gets in the way. ARP helps the body help itself.

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ARP Wave Therapy can be a fantastic treatment plan for arthritis, hip/knee pain, sports injuries, work-related injuries, back pain, and much more. If you’ve tried treating your pain before and didn’t get the results you want, or you’re depending on medication or thinking about surgery, ARP might be for you. Schedule a detailed evaluation by booking your appointment online with Integrated Pain Consultants today.

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