5 Common Back Pain Conditions and Treatments

5 Common Back Pain Conditions Treatments | Integrated Pain Consultants

5 Common Back Pain Conditions and Treatments

The Mayo Clinic and your team at Integrated Pain Consultants agree that back pain is the most common complaint, caused by a variety of issues from strained muscles to a bulging disc. Back pain is most common in the low back, between the hip bone and ribs. Fortunately, there are a number of treatments available, and many are non-invasive. There’s no reason to live with back pain if you don’t need to, and taking a holistic approach that might include medication, chiropractic care, massage therapy and a healthy lifestyle is the best strategy.

Back pain treatments might include epidural steroid injection, medial branch block via facet injection, radiofrequency ablation, or spinal cord stimulation. However, before delving into possible treatment, your doctor will determine the cause of your back pain—which will, in turn, inform the treatment.

1. Going too hard, too fast

Many people experience back pain if they hit the gym too hard after a long bread, spend a day shoveling snow when it’s been several months since the last storm, or if they regularly work out and up the weights on “back day.” Common causes are a strained muscle or ligament. Bending, lifting and twisting movements most often lead to back pain.

2. Disc degeneration or injuries cause back pain

As we get older, the discs that are between each of our vertebrae wear down. Discs are cushions between bones, and we’ll feel pain if those cushions are worn out. It’s natural, and known as degenerative disc disease. However, sometimes the outer coating of the disc can be destroyed, which is called a herniated disc. This can cause severe pain or discomfort all the way down the leg(s).

3. Back alignment issues

No human is perfectly balanced or aligned. However, if you have an abnormal curve in your spine like scoliosis, you might not realize the full pain of the issue until you’re in middle age. It’s possible to be diagnosed with such an alignment issue in childhood, but be pain-free until seemingly suddenly you start to notice back pain in your thirties or forties. There’s also degenerative spondylolisthesis, which is worn down ligaments in the spine.

4. Fractures in the back

If a vertebra is broken, it can lead to a fracture. However, osteoporosis is somewhat like a slow-moving fracture as it things the bone over the years. Vertebras can “crumble” and lead to sudden back pain, particularly when you move. It’s caused by bones compressing the nerves.

5. The system has issues elsewhere

Back pain doesn’t always mean the problem is on your back. Some patients suffer from conditions in other organs. For example, kidney stones, some STIs, endometriosis, and pancreatitis can present as back pain. Those with fibromyalgia also experience back pain frequently.

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